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New Mexico Security Guard Licensing Training

Private security is a growing industry. That is why we are here. Fred Behnken, the owner of Personal Security Consulting has been in the business for over 31 years providing  New Mexico security guard licensing training. We also provide Arizona security guard licensing training.

Security Guard Careers

For those of you looking for a career, this is the right place to be. There are many New Mexico and Arizona security guard companies looking for a few good men and women. With Personal Security Consulting’s Security Guard Training Program you have your ticket to a variety of jobs.  Eventually, like any profession, you can work into high paying positions. Our training translates to results, pay, value and respect.

Class welcome letter is provided upon payment. You need time to prepare for your class.  Pay and prepare well in advance. In most classes there is a list of equipment needed for participation. Equipment can be rented or purchased from our school if needed.

Payment contracts with companies are made to facilitate payment of group classes. If you attend a class and for some rare reason your company fails to pay for the class you are responsible for the course tuition.  Certificates are not sent unless payment is covered. Companies with bad credit will require a deposit for billing privileges.

Payment Policy: For safety and control of our classes payment must be made in full no later than seven days prior to the class desired. Pay at the door individuals incure a %25 charge to the base tuition. Because of large participation, first pay is first served. Earlier payment will guarantee your seat in the class. If your license expires you may not work.

Please Download the State of New Mexico Rule Book

Rule Book 2019

Please download our brochure.

Brochure NM Security Licensing 2017

Lots of hands on training.

Advanced Handgun Training- our Level II Handgun Combat Course

Cover Role Playing

Firearms training realistically balanced with safety skills like cover and movement.

Night firearms qualification is necessary for officer safety
Night firearms qualification is necessary for officer safety.
Thermal Class Night Shooting Graduation Picture
Thermal Class Night Shooting Graduation Picture

Security Officers must know about new night vision technology.

Our New Mexico Level 3 firearms security licensing course has a perfect safety record for several thousand officers in 28 years. Our Level 2 Intermediate Security Guard Skills has the same reputation. You can depend on our program.

Security Officer Classroom Trng Corrected

 Teamwork is developed in classroom and “Hands-on Activities”.
To provide the best training we can, we will be fielding the Personal Security Consulting Online Security Training Program. Our goal is to reach as many candidates who have the desire to join the profession. For professionals, military, police, and corrections, who have experience, the online training provides an easier transition into private security. For active officers, the availability of online security training anytime makes it easier to learn new skills even if working late on the night shift.

Our School Security Officer certification is the only program available in the country. Many New Mexico and Arizona contract security companies have contracts with schools. This program is an invaluable asset to the safety of the community. School legal concerns, responding to emergencies and working with School Resource Officers( Police) is all training you can have.

Patrol Vehicle Check Training Agricultural Training
Patrol Vehicle Check Training

Our company has a wide variety of experience. Casino, school and healthcare, agriculture are many of the long-standing relationships we have had. This experience reflects in a quality program that will work for you. The State of New Mexico Security Guard Licensing Program is accepted by “In House” security as a standard for hiring.

We recommend “In House” security departments use our customized industry training programs in addition to the state licenses for hiring. Large organizations, schools, hospitals and hospitality( casinos and hotels) need specific training developed for their needs and policies. We provide initial and annual refresher “In House” training for the above-mentioned industries.

The security licensing program for New Mexico is regulated by the Private Investigators Bureau under the Regulation and Licensing Department. In Arizona, the Arizona Department of Public Safety Regulates the private contract security industry. Their information can be found on our site. Please feel free to contact me about all your licensing concerns and questions.

Call Fred Behnken, Security Instructor,  505-254-7550.

We look forward to training with you.