Public Security Course Schedule

Armed Security Officers
                                        Certification of Armed Security Officers

Office 2929 Coors #1

The Security Training Center, Suite 307


Payment Policy: For safety and control of our classes payment must be made in full no later than seven days prior to the class desired. If seats at the day of the class are available a %25 percent fee is added. Because of large participation, first pay is first served. Earlier payment will guarantee your seat in the class. If your license expires you may not work, plan and budget ahead.

Payment contracts with companies are made to facilitate payment of group classes. If you attend a class and for some rare reason your company fails to pay for the class you are responsible for the course tuition.  Certificates are not sent unless payment is covered. Companies with no credit history will require a deposit for billing privileges.

 NOTE: We regularly conduct private training for New Mexico and Arizona Security Companies. Please contact us at 505-254-7550 for arrangements. Ask about our special group rates.

Location and times can vary. Please make sure you call and or recieve Welcome Letter information to confirm these important details.

The Handgun Self Defense Course is for Security Licensing Level III and New Mexico Concealed Handgun. Basic Level re-certification, refresher and renewals are conducted on the second day of the two day Handgun Basic Training  course. Online re-certification is also on the second day of the two day course. Check for times.

Onsite Level One and Two course are conducted once or twice a month depending on the need. If you do not see a Level One or Two course posted contact us- because there probably is one.

All advanced handgun classes  in bold are accepted for New Mexico licensing renewals.

Upon advanced payment 10 day prior to the course a welcome packet will be emailed or mailed to you with times and location of your training. We do not accept walk ins because a student must have the proper equipment and information prior to the course for safety reasons.

Level One and Two New Mexico Security licensing are conducted publicly once or more a month in Albuquerque. Please call for location and times


10-11 Level Three and CCW, Handgun Self Defense

15 Level One Security Guard Course

17-18 NRA Pistol and Personal Protection in the Home Course.

23-25 NRA Instructor Course, Pistol and Personal Protection



5 Level One Security Guard Course
7-8 NRA Basic Rifle Course
13-15 NRA Rifle Instructor Course
18-19 Level Three and CCW, Handgun Self Defense


5-6 Level Three and CCW, Handgun Self Defense
8 Level One Security Guard Course
11-12 Advanced Handgun- Tactical Shooting
16-17 Level Three and CCW, Handgun Self Defense (Weekday-Weds and Thurs)


2-4 School Security Officer Certification
13-14 Youth and Special Needs Course (Special Education Safety Course)
16-17 Advanced Handgun- Night Shooting and Tactics
19 Level One Security Guard Course
20-22 Level Two Advanced Security Officer Course
28-29 Security Manager Certification Course