Continuing Education Courses

Continuing Education and Professional Courses

The New Mexico Security Guard License is renewed every two years. A four hour continuing education course is required to renew the license.  A continuing education certificate must be included in your application packet.

All of these courses add depth to your experience as a professional. Many of these programs will become available online or by correspondence for home study. Some course because of their intensity require ” in person” participation.

These courses may be done individually or as a group study in your company. For course pricing please contact us 505-254-7550.

  • Basic Security Review 4 hours( Correspondence Program)
  • Legal Aspects of Deadly Force 4 hour ( Online Video and Correspondence)
  • Firearms Awareness and Safety 4 hours
  • Advanced Communication Skills 14 hours
  • Advanced Report Writing, 8 hours
  • Cold Weather Security Operations , 8 hours
  • Active Shooter and Bomb Response, 8 hours
  • Advanced Security Officer Topics, 8 hours
  • Security Mobile Phone, 8 hours
  • Knife Defense, 10 hours
  • Special Needs, Youth and Elderly Control Techniques 12 hours
  • Crowd and Riot Control, 12 hours
  • Emergency Exercise Small Group Seminar , 4 hours
  • Security Physical fitness
  • Wilderness Remote Area  First Aid
  • Security Search and Rescue