New Mexico Level One Continuing Education Course

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This class is for continuing education credit of four hours.

This class is approved by the New Mexico Private Investigators Bureau for certification. This is the bureau that regulates contract security guard licensing in New Mexico.

A simple and effective coverage of observe and report duties. Fundamental safety concepts are reviewed. This course covers the basics of the New Mexico Level One Program. A program with tips from 30 years of experience you need.

Contract security officers and companies provide a valuable service to the safety of our community. Security officers are professional observers and communicators. Contract security companies assist their clients in a variety of activities that make for a safer business environment. Crime prevention, safety and emergency preparedness are some of the major support services provided that level One guards must be trained to provide.

Throughout the chapters there are review quizzes and hands on exercises.

Steps to Complete the New Mexico Security Guard Continuing Education Course

  1. Display or download the manual- you may print the manual.
  2. Read and study the manual- complete all the exercises.
  3. Complete the online test- the instructor will grade it. Your certificate will be emailed.
  4. Complete all  tasks on the automated New Mexico Security Guard Renewal Application.
  5. Mail or hand carry the application and your continuing education course certificate.
  6. Receive your Level One License Renewal in two weeks-
  7. Plan your next class for Level Two or Three Certifications- Contact us about further training- Thank you!

Security Guard Continuing   Education Course Manual



The program completes with a written exercise that helps the officer remember the material presented.

The student can do the course when time permits and review the material as often as needed. Group study is an effective utilization of the program.

Students may email or call the instructor to ask questions. A current State of New Mexico application is provided to speed the license renewal process.