Security Officer Chemical Agent Certification

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Chemical agents are the most cost effective and least injury producing physical force choices.

All security professionals need to have knowledge of chemical agents.

Security officers should view the lessons several times and take detailed notes on each lesson.


Outcome of the course

You will have the attitude, knowledge and skills to use individual chemical agents safely and effectively while on and off duty.


Course Syllabus

Time: Approximately 6 hours


Hands on exercises

Lesson One

Introduction to Chemical Agents

Lesson Two

Overview of the Chemical Agent Course

Lesson Three

Psychological Aspects of Chemical Agents




Shooting Chemical Agent Canister


Length: 60 minutesAuthor: nmsecurityguard_adminComplexity: Standard

One hip firing technique- the Half Hip Shooting Position is used when extending the chemical agent weapon to eye level is not practical.
Zipper firing is show as an exercise and an engagement technique. Note the elbow is pressed tightly to the chest for control.