Security Officer Cold Injury Prevention and Response

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Fred Behnken Instructor
Security Officer Cold Injury Prevention

Security Officers work in any environment.  The seasons change gradually surprising the unprepared.  Extreme cold weather conditions are unforgiving and can be lethal. Security Professionals have to be prepared as a group to stay safe.  Management must know when conditions are too dangerous for normal operations.

Providing service to clients, public and the public in cold weather will be a likely task in the future. Homeless, accident victims and emergency survivors have a risk of cold injury in the winter.  Security officers must be able to function in emergencies and use of force situations. Cold condition assessment, emergency plans, policies and training must be adjust for winter conditions.

This four hour program focuses on cool injury injury awareness, prevention and treatment at a first responder level.

Time of the Course: 4 Hours

Course Standards; pass all automated quiz questions in each section. Practice roll playing identification and response to cold injuries.

Sections One thru Three must be done in numeric sequence.

Certificate will be emailed to the student one week within course competition.

This course is approved for New Mexico Security Officers- licensed under the Regulation and Licensing Department


Attached below are addition readings.

The Canadian Police report was obtained during training I attended in the 1990’s.

The Montana Cold Weather Pamphlet has excellent information include vehicle situations.


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