Security Officer In House Certification

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This program is intended for ” In House” security officers.  Security Officers who are hired directly by their organization are termed ” In House Security.” In most jurisdictions “In House Security” is not regulated by the state government. With all security business there is some type of regulatory force in place. Insurance, professional associations, the general legal system  and the clients have a regulating effect on the business of security.

This program includes most types of security activity and concepts found in In House Security activity. Examples of this courses applicability to  industries are hospitals, tribal nations, casinos, schools and industry. Specialty courses are available  for school, casino and hospital security officers in addtion to this program.

Organizational staff who perform security duties as a secondary job function are trained through this program.

The goal of this program is to provide basic training for In House Security Officers. In House Security Officers have a large array of responsibilities that most one day state security guard training programs do not address adequately. This program covers important security response issues that in house security officers typically are expected to perform beyond the observe and report mission.

The goal of the Security Officer Course is:

To certify with the knowledge, skills and attitudes to become a Security Officer or Security Qualified Staff .

Course Content

Chapter One: About the Security Officer Course

Chapter Two: Welcome to Security

Chapter Three: Security Officer(Staff) Responsibilities

Chapter Four: Professional Roles in Security

Chapter Five: Being Prepared


Final Course Summary Exercise

Ways to Get Security Certified:

1. Blended correspondence with online and onsite training.
2. Group class by in house supervisor or facilitator onsite.
3. Individual online using website.
4. Individual correspondence.
5. Onsite online with teleconferencing group or individual.