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The Security Journal NM

Length: 30 minutesAuthor: nmsecurityguard_adminComplexity: Standard

A security journal is a professional tool. By using a journal you will save important information that can protect you. Reflection by reading your journal will help develop good judgement.…

State of New Mexico Law and Administration

Free Preview

Length: 120 minutesAuthor: nmsecurityguard_adminComplexity: Hard

State of New Mexico Regulatory Website Review Please review the State of New Mexico Regulation and Licensing Department Website and Application Form. Journal Exercise: 120 Minutes, Take notes and write…

The Three Basic Security Principals NM

Length: 120 minutesAuthor: nmsecurityguard_adminComplexity: Standard

The Three Basic Security Principals are the foundation for complete observation and awareness. These fundamental principals are core to all human activity. Journal Exercise 60 minutes performing a home security…

Ethics in Security NM

Length: 60 minutesAuthor: nmsecurityguard_adminComplexity: Standard

The ethics reviewed in this lesson provide concepts for success on and off duty. Journal Exercise: 20 or more minutes write your personal code of ethics. Share your code of…

Security Officer Communication

Length: 90 minutesAuthor: nmsecurityguard_adminComplexity: Standard

Observe and report is the primary mission of security officers. Reporting or communication is a primary topic in security training. Moving to a higher level of skill the advanced security officer has to be an excellent communicator. The concept of customer service is a term that implies helping people. Security organizations who have good customer service and ethics are successful.