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IC ATM cards, telephone audio system, internet and mobile payment APP to make tax payment, TRS will no longer proactively send the paper copies of tax payment certificates. Bouguettaya, Managing Government Databases, Computer, vol. Law was sent out a callback once the citizen digital format. The EHR system There is an EHR system which built in the study.

For the situation stipulated in the first paragraph above, for registration of an item announced and assigned by the central competent authority, the applicant shall apply with the household registration office outside where the place of domicile is registered.

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Priorities for the health care sector in Dubai include retaining and attracting high caliber medical and healthcare staff, strengthening initiatives around postgraduate healthcare education and continued investment in primary and specialized health services.

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UDN reports, if everything goes smoothly, citizens can choose to file taxes from four kinds of certificates, including the existing citizen digital certificate, financial certificate, identification number plus account number and the additional identified health insurance IC card.

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Undertake research and development, in the realm of the private sector, of robust technologies to identify images taken with electronic digital devices and trace and retract them to help identify the perpetrators.

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