Advanced Security Officer Level Two – Communication

Length: 90 minutesAuthor: nmsecurityguard_adminComplexity: Standard

Observe and report is the primary mission of security officers. Reporting or communication is a primary topic in security training. Moving to a higher level of skill the advanced security officer has to be an excellent communicator. The concept of customer service is a term that implies helping people. Security organizations who have good customer service and ethics are successful.

Advanced Security Officer Level Two Course- Physical Control

Length: 120 minutesAuthor: nmsecurityguard_adminComplexity: Standard

Physical Control is a unique term used by our company to identify a wide variety of different skills. "Unarmed" self defense, defensive tactics( commonly called in police terminology) and safety skills,such as;lifting heavy objects,climbing stairs walking, moving the injured, moving on unsafe ground( like ice covered sidewalks). Youth and special needs safety training encompasses safety training for special groups of people who have unique needs or interaction requirements.