Security Officer Communication

Length: 90 minutesAuthor: nmsecurityguard_adminComplexity: Standard

Observe and report is the primary mission of security officers. Reporting or communication is a primary topic in security training. Moving to a higher level of skill the advanced security officer has to be an excellent communicator. The concept of customer service is a term that implies helping people. Security organizations who have good customer service and ethics are successful.

Advanced Security Officer level Two-Five Missions

Length: 120 minutesAuthor: nmsecurityguard_adminComplexity: Standard

Private security fits into the big picture. Standardization is helpful in communicating and taking action.  The Five Mission Areas of Federal Emergency Management Administration- FEMA are a national level concept in responding to emergencies.  At a large or individual level the Five Mission Areas help us visualize how to respond to a dangerous situation.  It is also likely that a security officer will be involved in a situation where government responders are involved. All security professionals should have a knowledge of Federal Government concepts in security and safety.

Advanced Security Officer Level Two Four Steps of Training Management

Length: 30 minutesAuthor: nmsecurityguard_adminComplexity: Standard

Teamwork is the key to safety. To get teamwork the group has to be developed. The group has to care that security is important and be willing to work at it. The Four Step Security Training Management Process is what has to be done in order to have the teamwork needed to respond to emergencies. Managers and supervisors have to make sure that this process is followed to have coordinated and safe response. Security officers and employees need to participate and assist their managers and supervisors in developing a team response to danger.