Shooting Chemical Agent Canister



Safety First

  1. Where protective goggles.
  2. Use only inert agent- Read the instructions before use.
  3. Keep nozzle away from your face.

Drawing the Chemical Agent Canister

  1. Find the weapon.
  2. Grip the weapon
  3. Draw to the Ready Position

Technique Points in Shooting Chemical Agent Canister

  1. Make sure your grip is centered. Wrist locked straight.
  2. Some canisters require shaking before use.
  3. Keep the burst of agent short- use a vertical spray pattern
  4. Start at the chest and spry up to the face.
  5. Be aware agent takes 5 seconds to blind.

Three Shooting Basics

  1. Combat Focal Point- Look through the target
  2. Aim with the ready position
  3. Hold the weapon tight to fire

Start with 3-5 repetitions to familiarize.

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