Security Officer In House Certification Chapter Three: Security Officer Responsibilities


What do Security Officers do?

                Example Duties of a Security Officers

  • Observe and Report
  • Be a role model
  • Follow s policies
  • In-House Security Officer
  • Contract Security Officer
  • Emergency Response Team
  • Work with Staff
  • Special Events Staff
  • Transportation security
  • Facilities access control
  • First Aid
  • Close Circuit TV (CCTV) and Alarm Surveillance
  • Computer and Information security
  • Access Control

Security officers spend their time four ways.

                                   Four Types of Security Officer Time Use

               1. Proactive time, working on assessing the security of the organization. Providing a  deterrence to criminal and unsafe behavior. Preparing for non-crime emergencies.

               2. Reactive Time, responding to calls for assistance. Reacting to policy violations, Protect life and property

               3. Administrative Time, support activities, equipment maintenance, meetings, reporting, training and emergency exercises

               4. Uncommitted Time, time in between activities, breaks, travel time

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