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The bureau under the Regulation and Licensing Department is Private Investigations that regulates security guards.

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Forms and Applications- Select Security Guard ( All levels) for initial licensing, Note there is a second renewal form.

Requirements and Continuing Education

Rules and Law


 Important Concepts

  1. You can only work as a security guard after receiving the license card. Which may take two to three weeks currently.
  2. You must have the licensing card on your presence when working. Making a photocopy of the card is recommended.
  3. As a Level One you are not allowed to carry weapons while on duty. Weapons may be carried off duty.

Level Two training covers unarmed skills,  chemical agent, baton, handcuffing and tactics.

a. If you are considering a job where you have to interact with the public, then a Level Two certification is required.

b. As a level one you can receive unarmed and communication skills separately for self defense. Continuing education can be credited

c. Intermediate skills should have annual recertification.

Level Three covers qualifying to carry a handgun.

a. Shotguns and Rifles are not regulated. Training is recommended, if these firearms are used. Check with us about those classes.

b. The state of New Mexico Concealed Handgun License can be earned. Having the concealed handgun permit is recommended for off duty protection for all security guards. Level One , Twos and Threes may carry a concealed handgun off duty. The Concealed Handgun certificate is included with the Level Three Handgun training program.

c. A psychological evaluation is require for the level three license.

Jurisdiction of the License:

You are working legally:

1.When on a paid status from your company.

2.Located on the premise of the client.

3.When in possession of the licensing card.

4. When working in a job type that is observe and report. Working in the scope of level one licensing

5. Operating inside the State of New Mexico. No states are known to accept the New Mexico license in their jurisdiction.

Security Guard License Renewal in NM.

Level One is renewed on the birth month every two years. Four hours of continuing education is required, complete and turn in the renewal application.

Level Two is the same as the Level One and recertification is recommended by taking the Level Two class again.

Level Three is renewed with the Level One criterion mentioned first. There is an annual handgun certification required. An officer may not work armed if he has not completed an annual handgun certification.




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