Armed Security Guard Level 3 New Mexico Licensing Course

At first watching this video  it is funny. However, running into a armed robbery scene is suicide and stupid.

Our program is unique and one of a kind in teaching situational decision making skills that will save lives.

Since 1989 we have trained thousands of armed security officers with a perfect safety record. Look no further for the training you need.

Be advised rifle and shotgun training is available for officers and contracts requiring it. Shotgun and rifle training is not regulated by the state. However, most insurance companies insuring security companies will require certification.


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Deadly Force is used as a last resort.


      Security Officer Qualifying for Night ShootingCover Role Playing

             Night Shooting                                Realistic Exercises Using Cover


Goal of the Level 3 Armed Security Guard Program:

  • Goal: Teach the knowledge, skills and attitude to use a handgun and deadly force as a security officer.


  • Two Days, 9am to 5pm

Example Priority Topics:

  • Situational Response
  • Legal Aspects Training
  • Security Officer Teamwork
  • Handgun and Ammunition Knowledge
  • Communication Skills  in live fire exercises
  • Use of Movement and Cover
  • Night Shooting Situations
  • Combative Handling Skills of Firearms
  • Off Duty Safety

Note: Guards completing the Level 3 course are eligible for the New Mexico Concealed Handgun Permit certification at no extra charge. Licensing fee is separate.  Military veterans do not pay concealed handgun license fees.

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