May 2016 New Mexico Security Guard Training Update


Dear Security Licensee:

The 2016-2017 Schedule of courses has been updated on this website.

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Advanced courses are important to add to the beginning familiarization  of the basic handgun class. Using a weapon requires continuous and relevant training to be effective. Having a license indicates that you know what needs to be done in making sure your ability is continuously improved. After all your and other lives depend on your ability.

Level Three Advanced  Handgun Renewal Course” Active Shooter”


Trolly Target Action Shot

Advanced Security Officer Graduates "Active Shooter" Course
Advanced Security Officer Graduates “Active Shooter” Course


James Bliehall
James Bliehall guides officers through”Active Shooter”


This year I will be hosting the “Active Shooter” advanced handgun course every other month.  James Bliehall has developed a top level training target system used by government agencies( military, police and FBI).  Shooting at a moving attacker  is the topic of this class.

Realistic human movement has been captured with the technology patented in this target system. Initially  some participants freeze when exposed to this realism. The awareness gained in this program improves the reaction time, safety and confidence.

You will engage moving attackers in different movement patterns, evading attackers hiding behind cover, hostage takers, angle of entry terminal ballistic control and angle of engagement. A detailed manual is provided and access to an online training program is included.

Advanced weapon handling taught in the “Active Shooter” will give you an the edge to use your handgun effectively. This is a program you can only experience with us. If you want to be safe, this is a handgun course you need to take.


Level Three Advanced Course  ” Night Shooting”

Night Shooting
Night Shooting

Fred Shining his Light

A flashlight is a critical tool of the security officer.

Night shooting is another important topic and experience. Operating at night and weapons skills are blended in this program. Protective professionals and armed citizens all need night skills. If you have not taken night training, you are only partially trained. Our Night Shooting course prepares you to have the advantage 24/7.


Level Three “Handgun Combat” Course Series

Level II Handgun Combat Course Flanking Multiple Assailants


Done both day and night the combat course hardens priority gunfight survival skills. Continuous movement, advanced use of cover, multiple opponents and time measured engagements bring you to a high level of competence. Unique stress exercises are incorporated into the live fire training to challenge the officer.

Handgun Tactics Course Range  Session


Attending the basic class range sessions is valuable practice, too. You will always learn something new. If you have a new weapon, it is required to certify with it.

Come Shoot With Us
Come shoot with us- every month.

Level 2″ Refresher” and  Full Certification Handcuffing Concerns


If you are working in a security job that requires using a baton, chemical agent and handcuffs, you need annual training to show evidence of being competent to carry these items. The unarmed and communication skills in the Level Two Security Licensing course are critical in jobs where interacting with the public is required. Throughout the protective professions annual “certification” is a best practice if your job is to use these skills.

The Level Two program is a familiarization, only. The State of New Mexico , Private Investigators Board shortened the original program from a week to half the time. The separate endorsements, baton, chemical agent, and handcuffing were consolidated into an invalid short course.  A two day prerequisite “Core” course with legal aspects and communication skills was eliminated.

Standard times for initial training are much longer than provided for in the State of New Mexico Level Two program.  In the previous  NM security regulations prior to 2014 and nationally the program content with physical qualification and written testing was significantly more training than the current Level Two  program.


NM Security Regulation Initial Hours Training Prior to 2014  (44 hours)


Core Course Legal and communications 16 hour

Handcuffing  8 hours

Baton 8 hours

Chemical Agent  4 hours

Required First Aid/ CPR 8 hours


National Standards for Initial  Intermediate Use of Force Training (52 hours)


Unarmed Skills/ Defensive Tactics 24 hours

Handcuffing 8 hours

Baton 8 hours

Chemical Agent 4 hours

Required First Aid/ CPR 8 hours

Note: Legal Training is usually about 4 hours, and

communications training can vary greatly in the time utilized. Ref “Core Course” above.


Current New Mexico Level 2 Program Approximately is 20 hours

Program content and times have not been established.


Standard material and course times were shortened to force all officers to have minimal familiarization  training in each of these topics. This content is not certifiable and does not have evidence of proficiency. The Use of Force and control topics in the Level Two program are a high liability security activity. Detaining and handcuffing  is as dangerous as firearms situations.

Security companies and officers cannot state that they are certified and competent to use intermediate force based on State of New Mexico Level Two program. Unfortunately,  political considerations have created this regulatory safety hazard to the security officers and the public. Most security officers are not getting the continuous and relevant training in this dangerous and high liability  area.

Plan to take a “refresher” of the Level 2 annually and do your individual training weekly. If you are working in a job that has a history of actively using intermediate force the frequency of certification must be higher. Full certification courses are offered, if your job requires it.  School and hospital security are examples of security jobs that likely have a need for semiannual or full certifications in intermediate skills, especially  verbal communications.  The schedule has a class offered monthly you can use.

The Full Security Handcuffing Certification Course ( see description)FULL HANDCUFFING COURSE will be a third day on the level two training. This program is for security guards who anticipate or need full qualification to use handcuffing. Participants will need to be physically capable to move up and down off the ground and pass the physical qualification test.

Ask your company to sponsor a Level Two refresher training or full certification courses for the company. This is a major safety issue for you, your company and the public.


Online Licensing and Continuing Education


Online training is an excellent training tool. This year I hope to continue to expand the online training service.


To renew your New Mexico Security Guard  license you must take a four hour continuing education course. Longer courses are a great addition to your knowledge and resume. The job market is always competitive, the more qualifications you have the better off you are financially.



Course Available are:


  • Legal Fundamentals of Deadly Force
  • Tactics and Legal Aspects for Handgun License Renewal
  • Level One Security Training for New Mexico
  • Unarmed Guard Training for Arizona


Future Courses Offered:


  • Security Officer Safety Certification
  • Chemical Agent Online Certification
  • Physical Control Online Certification
  • Night Operations for Private Security
  • Cold Weather Operations for Private Security
  • Supervisor Certification for Private Security
  • School Security Officer Certification
  • Casino Security Officer Certification