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This is a website with a large amount of information on emergency preparedness appropriate for security professionals. The site has extensively reviewed emergency equipment and has professional articles on safety subjects.

Serna Optical

The observation ability of a security professional is critical. If an officer needs corrective lenses and glasses careful attention must be made. Richard Serna is Albuquerque’s leading custom eye class provider and optician. He has quality lenses and frames that will pass the challenge of your needs. Ask about special glasses for night wear and sun glasses.

He will give ten percent discount to all security officers. Just give him our name.  Make sure you get an eye and  hearing exam annually.

Office Phone 505-232-3130

This site shows the New Mexico Handgun renewal services we provide for concealed carry and security guard Level III licenses. We have selection of advanced training course to help you master your shooting skills and maximize your safety that can be used for your New Mexico licensing. Finger printing and forms are provide to make the handgun licensing process easy.
Nowhere else in the United States will you find comprehensive expandable baton training for armed citizens. We have a special concealment system for expandable batons, batons for purchase and the best training for citizens who choose the expandable baton for their safety. shows the professional training program that Personal Security Consulting provides to the educational industry. If you know of schools that might be interested in our services please forward our website to them. There is a great need for security training in schools. shows the professional training program that Personal Security Consulting provides for the hospitality and gaming industry We have conducted training nationally for the gaming industry.
An amazing blog packed with articles and resources related to firearms technology and human factors.
Security Licensing Information will take you to the Regulation and Licensing Department. This New Mexico agency regulates and licenses the contract security industry in New Mexico. takes you to the New Mexico Department of Public Safety. You will need to click on the Concealed Carry Program to get information and forms. You will find a link to Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ) to help you understand the administration of the program.

Albuquerque Shooting Range. The majority of the time we use this range for our classes. Use this site for directions to get there and times of our classes which are during operation times of the range. This is a top level facility. Please forward this site to your friends and family to know where to go shoot. There are also many shooting events that are held there.

Bear Arms

Rick and Marsha Austin, Bear Enterprises, provide guns and ammunition. They provide a personal service which is really great to make sure you get the gun you need. 505-573-0784
As of April 13 they do have ammunition in .45 and .40 calibers.

Charlie’s Sporting Goods

When doing your firearms inspection use their store.
Highly recommended for no nonsense gunsmithing. Honest and dependable. A large selection of firearms and ammunition is available(maybe). 505-275-3006. 8908 Menaul Blvd NE, Albuquerque, NM. Free Coffee. Point of contact is Val Jackson.

Amazing website to find ammunition. This site has about everything on it.