Advanced Security Officer Course


Advanced Security Officer Course Level Two move above the basic security officer duties of Observe and Report. Responding to crime and emergencies is a tremendous responsibility. This program is designed to provide appropriate knowledge and attitudes towards skills with intermediate weapons and advanced techniques.



Course Description

The Advanced Security Officer Certification Course provides knowledge above and strongly supports the basic observe and report mission of security. Private security is seeing an increase in opportunities to provide to provide more services at this level. Being  able to respond to crime and emergencies is the future of security.This program provides in-person instructor at a private level to speed learning.

Advanced training for security officers has not been available as it is with this new program. The Advanced Security Officer Certification Course is like receiving private instruction when you want it. The instructor is available through phone or email to help speed  learning With our online venue it can be taken  in the home or at work. The course material can be used as often as  needed to complete the program and help with the job duties.

The Advanced Course picks up from our basic courses using common terminology to reinforce important security fundamentals that lead to success. Officers who need to  move to the armed level will benefit by having a solid foundation laid.

“In House” security organizations desiring training with advanced skills and intermediate weapons will appreciate the availability and thoroughness of the training.

Full certification training is available. Certification requires “Hands On” physical training provided in follow on classes. Handcuffing,baton,chemical agent, unarmed skills are skill areas that full certification is available that must be done in a instructor contact classroom.

The advantage of the overview program is that training can be provided right now for employees. Should full certification be needed that training can be attended when time and funding permits. Often many officers have had previous certification and this can be used as a refresher or reorientation from police or military duties.

Who should take the course?

Security officers who have taken basic training level One or Unarmed Officer may attend.

Organizations who desire to have “In Service” training easily available for its officers during the work week.

How long is the program?

Each learner is different, so the time to complete will vary.

Plus or minus 20 hours approximately. 16 Lessons

What is needed to do the program?

A computer or smart device, a printer to print documents is optional.

A group class is possible for organizational training.

A security mentor with experience is recommended.

What topics are in the program?

  • Security Management Process
  • Basic Security Training Review
  • Tactics
  • Legal Aspects
  • Communication
  • Security Weapons, Chemical Agents, Impact Weapons and Handcuffs
  • Use of Force Concepts
  • Emergencies Situations