State of New Mexico Online Level One Security Guard Course


This course will provide the knowledge, skills and attitudes to perform as a security guard with observe and report duties.




This course teaches the security officer to be a professional observer and communicator.  Students will develop situational knowledge,  high level awareness skills, and multiple communication methods. Completion of this course is necessary to obtain a New Mexico Level 1 Security Guard License.This program provides in-person instructor at a private level to speed learning.

You must have a Level 1 license to obtain the Level 2 and Level 3 Security Guard Licenses. The courses may be taken out of order.

Ways to Get the Level One License

  • Public Scheduled Group Classes
  • Privately Scheduled Company Classes
  • Blended Learning for Individual and Small Groups

What does the Course Cover?

The Private Investigations Act, NMSA 1978, 27B is the first topic in the course. Under that state law, the Rules and Regulations, Title 16, chapter 48 provide for the regulation of the contract security industry. Security companies are defined as Private Patrol Companies. When you obtain your New Mexico Level 1 Security Guard License ,you will be able to work for a Private Patrol Company( Security Company). A Private Patrol Company contracts out to other companies for security services.

The Level 1 Security Guard Licensing Course is also a recognized standard of hiring for “In House” Security Departments that are not regulated by the State of New Mexico. Security that is ” In House” is internal to a company and provides for itself. The State of New Mexico does not regulate ” In house” security. The Level One License does not legally apply to “In House” security activities. However, many ” In House”  security activities recognize the  Level 1 training course for eligibility in hiring. There are a large amount of ” In House” security jobs that this training will be valuable to you.

Your Safety

Our program helps you develop valuable safety skills. When you are hired your company and supervisors take an active role in managing safety for you and the client you will be protecting.


Course  Topics:

  • Law Regulating Security
  • NM Security Code of Ethics
  • Company Policies Post Orders, Job Description
  • Security Principals
  • Communication Skills
  • Patterns of Security and Safety Situations
  • Responding to Emergencies
  •  Safety Rules

Additional information

Minimum Age


Course Length

8 hours (approximately)



Recertification Period

Annual (must re-certify yearly)

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