Full Security Handcuffing Certification

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The goal of this program is to provide full handcuffing certification for security guards.



Handcuffing is a dangerous action. Security companies providing a service of subduing suspects have to be well managed. Many contract security companies in New Mexico, Arizona and “In House” security organizations do not have good polices and training.  Security guards need to work as a team when subduing a dangerous suspect. Individual security officers operating alone must not engage in handcuffing.  The main action of individual officers operating alone is to stay away from dangerous individuals until security or police backup can arrive on the scene.

Security company policies must provide legal detailed control over officers subduing suspects. Safety and public image are important consideration for security organizations. The litigation climate for security companies and guards is dangerous. Fortunately, in New Mexico police are known to regularly arrest and prosecute security officers who engage in criminal conduct when handcuffing. Unfortunately, it looks bad for the industry and the costs are high.

In organizations with a high level of handcuffing need the frequency of certification must be higher. Semi annual handcuffing certification is becoming more common. Unarmed control skills manipulating and controlling a dangerous criminal require excellent physical conditioning and skills. If you are not willing to have these or have them now consider another line of work. I have personally seen many security guards get severely injured without proper training.

The Full Handcuffing Certification Course is an add on to the Level 2 familiarization course or full three day unarmed control skills course. This is a full day program of seven hours.

Full Handcuffing Certification Course Topics:

  • Legal Aspects and Policy Control
  • Handcuff Mechanical Training
  • Principals of Physical Control
  • Individual Handcuffing Techniques
  • Multiple Officer Physical Control
  • Appropriate Followup Control Measures
  • Supervisor Actions
  • Incident Report Writing

The course includes both written and physical competence testing to be certified.

Participants must be able to move from an prone to a standing position unaided and visa versa.