Level Two-2-Advanced New Mexico Security Guard Licensing Course


This course will provide the knowledge, skills and attitude to interact with the public. Upon completion, the candidate will be eligable to apply for the New Mexico Level 2 License.

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This course introduces and  familiarizes the security guard to interact successfully with the public.  In contrast, the Level 1 Security Guard Course trains for an observe and report job duty.  Guard candidates will continue from the Level 1 course  to  develop interactive situational awareness skills, become introduced to interpersonal  communication methods, and follow company policies.  Limited familiarization with high risk handcuffing, baton and chemical agent are part of the Level 2 Program.

Security guards must be 21 years old and have a high school diploma to obtain the Level 2 license. Security guards must also recognize the intense responsibilities of interacting with the public. Guards should have a physical that clears them for protective professional work of this nature.

Many “In House ” security organizations use our program.

This course has an introduction to  intermediate weapons. High risk situation management and training with intermediate weapons are crucial overview topics. In the Level 2 program guards are not certified according to nationally recognized best practices or have parity with New Mexico Department of Public Safety standards. Qualification testing is required for full certification with full length programs having the necessary safety training. Full certification training not provided by the Level 2 course,  includes enough time to  qualify with physical testing in the high risk skills of handcuffing, baton and chemical agent.

Level 2- Advanced Course Topics:

  • Company Policy
  • Responding to Emergency Situations
  • Legal Aspects for Use of Force
  • Communication Skills
  • Security Team Development
  • Familiarization Baton and Impact Weapons
  • Familiarization Unarmed Skills and Handcuffing
  • Familiarization Chemical Agent-Individual Canister
  • Familiarization Handcuffing
  • Written Review Exercise
  • Annual Refresher or Full Certification Courses



Handcuffing requires high skill given in a 8 hour Full Certification Course


Note: Full Handcuffing Certification is usually offered as a third day on the level two course. Warning, security guards must not engage in handcuffing activities without full certification and company management that provides proper manning and equipment. This is a high risk and liability activity. Guards and companies who wrongfully detain and subdue subjects can face criminal and civil prosecution.

Level 2 Security Guard Refresher Training

Throughout the security guard licensing program are taught to manage continuous and relevant training for themselves. Security professionals must be excellent communicators and have excellent situational awareness. The state of New Mexico does not yet require refresher training, but it is likely to be a future regulatory improvement. There is no difference legally and to public safety between the risk in Level 2 and Level 3 firearms activities as an officer. Refresher and full certification of skills necessary for the job is important. Job injuries can cost thousands of dollars to you. Crippling injuries and death are a possibility in this high level security work. Annual refresher training is recommended for active Level 2 guards. Attending the level 2 course annually is good insurance and improves your hiring potential credentials in a competitive job environment. Check the schedule and sign up to take the level 2 class offered monthly. If you are in a job that requires use for intermediate weapons, get fully certified.  Get your company to sponsor a full intermediate weapon certification.

Casino Officers Unarmed Skills
Casino Security  Officers Developing Unarmed  Control Skills – Fully Certified Officers.

Note: Full Certification Intermediate Weapon Courses are Available

In addition to the Level 2, full certification weapon courses must be used outside the state license for companies and guards who are engaging in contracts using these weapons.  These full certification courses are offered to security organizations under group training contracts. Individual guards may attend these full certification courses when sponsored by their security company or other organization.

  • Unarmed Control Skills 24 hours
  • Handcuffing 8 hours
  • Baton 8 hours
  • Chemical Agent 4 hours

Full certification refresher training is approximately half the initial course times mentioned above.

Physical and written testing are required for full intermediate weapon certification.


Additional information

Minimum Age


Course Length

20 hours (approximately)



Recertification Period

Annual (must re-certify yearly)

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