Level Three Security Officer- Bi Annual Package- Handgun Recertification and CE Course – State of New Mexico



Recertification for the New Mexico Security Officer License is done annually by the officer.  It is best to complete the training two months prior to the year term to allow for  The Private Investigators Bureau to process the renewal application.

Second year after initial certification and alternating years, The Level Three Handgun Recertification is completed and sent to the Private Investigators Bureau. No application or background check is mandated.

Every two years after initial certification Level Three Handgun Recertification and the Four Hour( or more) Continuing Education Course is done, Application, background check is turned in to the Private Investigators Bureau.

Note: The NM License card does not indicate that annual recertification is required. This is an administrative oversight. Many officers believe that they only have to recertify every two years because of  the lack of indication on the license card. The card indicates a two year term for the basic guard license, only. Given below is that states that annual recertification is mandatory for clarification. Security companies and officers who are armed and not properly license face a $800 fine for each occurance.  Insurance companies may also deny coverage based on illegal carry of a handgun on duty. It is also possible that licenses can be revolked resulting in the loss of employment and or the closure of the offending company.

The annual handgun recertification has helped maintain a high safety level in the industry. By maintaining the “Continous and Relevant” legal standard in training, public and officer safety is maintained.

Recertification Course Goal:

To review the knowledge, skills and attitudes to use a  handgun for self defense annually as required by law.  MANDATORY FIREARMS TRAINING:(NM State Law)

  1. After July 1, 2007, any private investigator, a private patrol operator, a private investigations employee, a level three security guard or a private patrol operations employee may carry a firearm upon successful completion of the mandatory firearm training required by the department. Any licensee who carries a firearm on duty shall be required to provide proof of being firearm certified by an instructor recognized and certified by the New Mexico law enforcement academy or the national rifle association law enforcement activities division prior to carrying a weapon on duty, and  annually thereafter.

 Continuing Education will  be needed to renew your license every two years               CONTINUING EDUCATION: C. Security guards must complete a minimum of four (4) hours of continuing education training from an approved source, during the renewal period to maintain their license.

Note: Officers may attend the first day of the initial handgun training to obtain credit for the continuing education requirement. However, the second day of the initial course may not be used for both continuing education and handgun recertification simultaneously.

Officers particpating in the Night Shooting Course using night goggles.

Advanced Level Three Handgun Recertification Courses

We recommend Advanced Handgun Courses for recertification.

Officers completing the Basic Handgun Level Three Course know to train on a weekly basis. After one year of working as an armed officer under supervision of the security organization the officer should have mastered the handgun skills taught in the basic course. In addition, the officer should be well versed in emergency response to firearms situations. The officer must zero his weapon live fire at least twice a year in addition to the initial qualification. The officer is invited to attend the basic live fire or the advanced training we offer to develop a high level of skill. The companies are encouraged to have “continous and relevant” training in-service on firearms related safety policies and use of force.

Based on this activity basic level qualification is not ethical or practical. Advanced skills and growth are an important ethical component to prevention of violence and saving lives. Security companies and officers must seek more training to increase public and individual safety.  The state does not require advanced training and skill mastery. Common sense does.

We offer a variety of Advanced Classes that move the participant towards mastering firearms skills. Training is publically and privately conducted.

What are Advanced Skills? These are skills that vary distance and position, timing and technique to deepen fundamental skills. Advanced skills change the environment trained in. Night shooting is an important skill officers need, is an example of an Advanced Skill. Multiple Opponent Tactics is another Advanced Course and skill set officers need.

Course costs vary from $175 to $250. Advanced firearms courses are held once or more a month. Please review the schedule page. Enrollement is done seperate from this page

List of Advanced Courses

  • Night Shooting
  • Multiple Opponent Tactics
  • Combat Handgun Course Serive One and Two
  • Tactical Shooting
  • Accuracy and Speed
  • Moving Targeting
  • Close Contact CQB
  • Cold Weather Firearms
Use of Barriers and Cover is part of Level Three Training

Basic Level Three Handgun Recertification Course Agenda- This Course Offering

Hours may vary depending on starting times, weather and class size and experience. This is a half  day (plus) course, but can be an optional two days . Allow yourself extra time for travel. Do not plan events for the evening’s prior or after the course. Multi-tasking and lack of sleep could lead unsafe conditions.

First Day- Initial Course, Optional but Recommended  Attendance for Recertification, May be used for Continuing Education.

Second Day- Basic Range Qualification Day- Initial, Refresher and Renewal( May not be used for Continuing Education)

 Required Attendance in this Course

9 to 1 Range Training and Qualification (winter hours the range is conducted in the afternoon). Multiple range sessions may be available that day. Lunch.

1 to 4:30 Classroom Summary and Written Exercises, Course Review, sign up for advanced training. In lieu of Online Training Presentation and test completition.

Advanced training is recommended in lieu of basic qualification for experienced officers.

Continuing Education Course
Basic Continuing Education Course

Continuing Education Course included in your package.

This package provides one four hour continuing education course. There is the Basic Course- Level One Review in online and correspondence venues. Online or distance learning can be used for continuing education. These are the course choices. Pick one and let us know to enroll you and provide materials.

  • Level One Course Content Review
  • First Day of Initial Level Three Course- highly recommended
  • Cold Weather Injury Prevention
  • Level Two- Advanced Officer Course On-line( not for initial level Two certification)
  • Night Security Operations



Cold Weather Security
Cold Weather Patroling at Night

NM Concealed Handgun License

New Mexico Concealed Handgun License Benefit

New Mexico Concealed Handgun Licensing Refresher and Renewal  can be accomplished at the same time. Our program is designed to meet and exceed the requirments for concealed cary licensing here in New Mexico. The concealed license is valuable for on and off duty use. The license information can be found at the Department of Public Safety on the link below.


Those officers who have attended our initial Level Three course may apply at a later time with a refresher upgrade to recieve a current concealed carry license certificate. We are required to witness the initial training by law. Officers who have not attended our initial program and would like to recieve the new initial concealed carry certificate will have to attend the initial Level Three Security Handgun Course or the initial concealed handgun class to obtain the initial concealed carry license.  As an add on this can be used for the four hour contining education reguirment for the two year license renewal.