Online Chemical Agent Security Officer Certification


The Online Security Officer Chemical Agent Course provides the knowledge, skills and attitude to use chemical agents while on and off duty for self defense.



Suspect Face Sprayed With Chemcial Agent
Suspect Blasted with OC Chemical Agent
Violent Assailant Downed by Chemcial Agent
Chemical Agent Incapacitating a Violent Assailant

Chemical agents are an excellent weapon. Chemical agents are reliable, available and cost effective.  Security personnel should be armed with chemical agents in most environments. Off duty, chemical agents can provide protection for the security officer. Security professionals need the knowledge that is provided in our course. Criminal may also use chemical agents as part of their crimes because of easy availability.  Police in most jurisdictions have chemical agents and may use those in a situation with security personnel in proximity.

Like any weapon, the training for chemical agents must be continuous and relevant. This Online Chemical Agent Certification course can be watched several times to multiply learning. Onsite training is a one time event with online training the student can gain valuable multiple exposures to important knowledge and skills. Firearms training gains the attention of most protective professionals. Chemical agents are often used in jobs that have frequent use of force incidents. Yet the training is often overshadowed by firearms that are used less often.  We hope to shift the balance of attention to this low injury producing weapon with both our Online  and Onsite Chemical Agent Program.

Not having contact with criminal assailants is a sound strategy allowed by using chemical agents. Security guards and companies are motivated to stay away from danger as much as possible. Chemical agents are good weapons for security and citizens. I hope that you will value the proficiency you will gain from this program.

Introduction to the Online Chemical Agent Course Movie- Please Watch

Chemical Agent Certification Course Topics

  • Legal Aspects and Policy Controls
  • Chemical Agent Knowledge
  • Weapon Handling
  • Chemical Agent Tactics
  • Chemical Agent Use Follow Up Procedures
  • Chemical Agent Incident Report Writing