Security Supervisor and Leadership Certification Course


The Security Supervisor and Leadership Certification Course is designed for both supervisors and management.  Both new and experienced supervisors and managers will gain valuable material from this program. Fred Behnken a security trainer and consultant has gathered a wide array of techniques and concepts from 1980’s to the present. He has worked in a variety of protective profession avocations to include military commissioned officer, management ” in house” and contract security. He holds a masters degree in Security Management.



Supervisory and leadership skills are the important in your organization. The best trained staff will fail without leadership. This course provides effective leadership training.

This program is an introductory program in leadership for newly appointed or experienced  supervisors and  managers.  The program consolidates priority concepts found in college level programs that would normally take months and years to complete. A unique aspect to our program is that most persons who attend are security practitioners. By having experienced participants in the program a great deal more can be learned in a short period of time. A great cross learning and networking opportunity exists.

Participants will learn a balanced and prioritized set of leadership skills that will motive them to continue further education.

Who should enroll in this class?

  • Security supervisors and managers, lead security officers, organizational safety committee members.
  • Administration personnel, support staff supervisors, who are required to become cross trained in security duties they might have been assigned as a secondary job assignment.
  • Contract security company supervisors.

Three years of security officer or ground level experience in protective professions is required to register.

Course Topics:

  • Ethics
  • Leadership Knowledge, Skills and Attitudes
  • The Four Step Management Process
  • Management and Supervisor Roles
  • Time Management
  • Accountability
  • Managing Armed Security Officers
  • Emergency Leadership
  • Advanced Communication Skills

Course  Credit Time-Length:

  • 24 hours

Class Size:

  • Limited to ten participants for onsite training for the best learning situation and individual attention.
  • Certification Duration: Biannual Certification

Course Venues Available:

  • Online Course(this program)
  • On Site Course
  • Teleconferencing-Skype-Webinar
  • Blended Learning- Online and Onsite