State of New Mexico Law and Administration Quiz

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  1. When off duty a security guard may carry a concealed handgun if properly licensed.1
  2. A Level Three Armed Guard is trained in:1
  3. Your New Mexico Security Guard Level One License renews every two years on your birth month.1
  4. Since the license is not good off post, it might be a good idea to change out of uniform after work to avoid mis identification when off duty.1
  5. A Level One guard can carry chemical agent for self defense on duty.1
  6. The agency regulating the contract security industry is:1
  7. For continuing education a Level One may take:1
  8. A Level Two Guard should have annual handcuffing recertification.1
  9. A Level Two Guard is trained in:1
  10. The uniform must have a security patch and name badge.1
  11. A job requiring regular interaction with the public must be a Level Two License1
  12. Finger printing may be obtained from the department.1
  13. The security guard must carry and display his security license card.1
  14. Violation of client proprietary information can result in loss of the security guard license.1
  15. It will take to process a complete security guard application:1
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