Schedule of Courses

Security Class Public Schedule


Underlined Handgun Basic Training Course is for Security Licensing Level III. Basic annual recertifications for Level III are conducted on the second day of the basic class.

Continuing education can be obtained by attending the first day classroom of the Level Three Handgun Course.

Concealed handgun licensing is included. Concealed handgun recertification, refresher and renewals are conducted on the second day of the two day course. Online recertification is also on the second day of the two day course. Check for times. All advanced handgun classes are accepted for New Mexico licensing.

Level One and Two course are conducted once or twice a month depending on the need. If you do not see a Level One or Two course posted contact us- because there probably is one.

Albuquerque Area Only Program Schedule

We do have training being conducted out of state. Please contact us about the dates and locations.


 December 2016

12/3&4 Handgun Licensing Basic Training

12/8 NM Security Officer Basic Training Level One.

12/10 Night Shooting

 12/15&16 NM Security Officer Intermediate Level Two

12/25 Christmas


 January 2017

1/3-5   School Security Officer Certification

1/7&8 Handgun Licensing Basic Training

1/14 Tactical Shooting Advanced

 February 2017

2/4&5 Handgun Licensing Basic Training

2/8-10 Physical Control( Defensive Tactics) Handcuffing Full Certification

2/7  Cold Weather Certification- Security Officer 6-9 PM

2/22-24 School Security Officer Certification

2/18 Multiple Opponent Tactics


March 2017

3/4&5 Handgun Licensing Basic Training

3/11-12- Combat Handgun Advanced Course Level Two-Cold Weather Training Certification

3/14-16 School Security Supervisor Course

3/20-22 School Security Officer Certification

3/29-31 New Mexico Security Officer Training Level One and Two


April 2017

 4/1&2 Handgun Licensing Basic Training

4/4-6 School Security Officer Certification Gallup, Albuquerque, NM

4/8&9 Close Contact Shooting

4/12&13 Handgun Licensing Basic Training

4/22 Night Shooting


 May 2017

 5/13-14 Handgun Licensing Basic Training

5/26-28 Rifle Certification


June 2017

 6/3-4 Handgun Licensing Basic Training

6/10-11 Close Contact Shooting


July 2017

7/8-9 Handgun Licensing Basic Training

7/15-16 Shotgun Certification

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