Security Starts at Home

Safety is so important for the family and neighborhood of the officer. A multi-resource approach to deepen and insure safety must be used. We know that home security is completely related to job security. The officer has to know that his home and family are safe. Criminals don’t care if you are on or off the clock.

We high recommend that adult family member attend our self defense and security training. Family may attend any of the security classes to apply the skills and knowledge to the home and travel situation. The handgun classes for the citizen and security licensing are the same with content adjusted for those who attend. Security officers should(must) have a concealed carry permit. Even, if working as a level 1 or 2 security officer. Off duty you just don’t know what threat could occur. It is common sense.

A group response and deterrent to crime is the strongest. The security and safety skills your family, friends and neighbors will get from our training will be of high value to you.

Please check with your company about doing security seminars and consulting for your clients. This will provide extra value to your company and client.

For every dollar saved through security ten are made for the client. For every life saved, a business is saved.

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